Kusi Ideas Festival Highlights
Karura Forest, Nairobi, Kenya

Theme: Climate Change: Exploring African Responses and Solutions

8th - 9th December 2022

Kusi 2022 Story

The fourth edition of the Kusi Ideas Festival was held in Nairobi, Kenya, on 8-9 December 2022. The theme of this edition was “Climate Change: Exploring African Responses and Solutions.” In essence, it scrutinised the threat posed by the global climate emergency and possible solutions that Africa could demonstrate to the world. The Festival was hosted on the backdrop of the COP27 conference in Egypt

Much has been written and said about the fact that Africa is particularly vulnerable to the impact of climate change due to its high dependence on agriculture, which is sensitive to changes in rainfall patterns and temperature, as well as its limited resources to adapt to these changes. The negative effects of climate change are likely to result in food and water insecurity, increased frequency of extreme weather events and displacement of people. These could potentially exacerbate the continent’s existing challenges, such as poverty, disease and conflict over resources.

The venue of choice, Karura Forest, has a rich political history that made it an ideal location for a conference on climate change. The Green Belt Movement led by environmentalist, political activist and 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai, fought to have the land returned to the public and protected as a national park.

The 4th Kusi Ideas Festival attracted the participation of H.E. Dr William Ruto represented by the Cabinet secretary Ministry of Environment and Forestry Hon. Soipan Tuya, H.E Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda and H.E Dr Philip Mpango Vice President of the Republic of Tanzania, both attending virtually. Other key dignitaries in attendance were Prince Rahim Aga Khan, Hon. Anne Waiguru, Chairperson of the Council of Governors, Kenya, Prof. Patrick Verkooijen, CEO, Global Centre on Adaptation and H.E Meg Whitman, United States Ambassador to Kenya and Amb. Ole Thonke the former Danish Ambassador to Kenya.

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Thematic areas

Voices of Hope, And The Good Climate Fight
Climate Change, Water & Resources
The Climate Hackers, Innovations and Solutions
Powering Africa Without Burning It: Renewable Energy To The Rescue
Feeding Every African Mouth: Food and the Climate Problem
Africa Faces Up to Rising Climate-Related Health Emergencies
Climate Change And The Development Challenge In Africa

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